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Unité de contrôle pour micromoteur de chirurgie dentaire / d'implantologie dentaire / électrique / commande à pied MD 30

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The MD 30 Motor System is used for implant operations. After 40 years of research and development, the company (NOUVAG) has come up with this implantology motor system. This is an excellent motor system which fulfills every desire of the implantologists across the globe. This unique motor system comes with two motor connections for better efficiency and reducing the work load during implant treatment. The implant procedure goes on smoothly for its 10 stored programs for each of the two motors. The safety and reliability are obtained for every treatment with help of maximized control of motors enabling it to perform all tasks with the maximum possible accuracy and with contra angles staffed with LED. MD 30 Motor System has an advantage as the device can be modified according to requirements. It comes with intelligent safety system with acoustic and optical signal and extra blocking of motor drive (like open pump compartment, not connected motor or pedal).

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